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Working in the city means that you need a lot of options for places to work. With this plan, you could access Kolega locations anywhere, anytime! Make your day more efficient by working in the nearest Kolega from your place, or meet with clients.


  • Become an Exclusive Member of Kolega's Community
  • Get A Cool Membership Card*
  • Have access to partner benefits*
  • Work Anytime, Anywhere, Your Call
  • Access to all events held by Kolega
  • Get specials prices forever

*Terms & Conditions Applied

IDR 1.000.000 / month

Coworking Area

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Join Kolega Coworking Space as a member of the growing community. Access to the coworking area in your preferred location with no assigned desk. Get a fresh new desk every day


  • Remote and part time workers
  • Client meetings
  • More than a week per month

IDR 2.000.000 / month

Dedicated Desk

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Access to the coworking area and dedicated area with one assigned desk for the period of this membership. Get together with your colleagues and fellow coworkers, while having a personalized desk to organize your business.


  • Startups and small agencies
  • Collaboration and growth
  • Everyday Use

Starts from IDR 5.000.000 / unit

Private Offices

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Access to the selected, tailor made, private office suite(s) for you and your team, while being able to access the coworking area to huddle up with the community and colleagues.


  • Companies of 1 - 10+
  • Satellite and established teams
  • Extra autonomy and security

Starts from IDR 165.000 / 2 hours


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Need a comfy place to do your meetings? We have meeting rooms that could fit 4 to 30 persons each room.


  • Internet Connection
  • Self service mineral water/coffee/tea
  • White board

Starts from IDR 1.100.000 / 2 hours


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For your event needs, we have modular spaces that could accommodate up to 70 persons capacity events. In the spaces, you will find inspiration and experience


  • Internet Connection
  • Self service mineral water/coffee/tea
  • White board

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We are a place for energetic, like-minded and
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Creating an ecosystem that embodies friendship
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